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Tips For Motorcycle Owners


What all is included in a motorcycle safety inspection?

The state of Texas does not require an emissions test on "motor-driven" cycles including mopeds, but the state does require a yearly safety inspection of all cycles driven on Texas roadways. Safety inspection criteria include:
  • Horn
  • Mirrors
  • Steering
  • Braking
  • Lamps - headlamps, reflectors, tail lights, break light, license plate, turn signals
  • Wheels - assembly and minimum tread depth
  • Exhaust
"Pocket bikes" do not meet federal and state requirements so they are excluded and are only legally operated on private property.

When should a motorcycle owner have a safety inspection performed?

A safety inspection, just like a vehicle inspection, is required each year.

Is there anything I can do help pass the motorcycle safety inspection?

  • Doing regular maintenance like changing the oil and filters and using the recommended types of oil and filters as per the manufacturer will help the motorcycle operate efficiently.
  • Monitor your motorcycle for leaks or low fluids that could lead to failing the safety inspection.
  • Make sure your gas cap is the right type to avoid excess fumes and emissions.
  • Watch for warning lights on your motorcycle that could cause a safety inspection failure.

For vehicle inspections, see our page for requirements about vehicle inspection and registration in the state of Texas, here.