MASTERS Car Wash - Master Mechanic, Jordan Kwolik

Onsite Mechanic at MASTERS Car Wash

Jordan's Early Life

Our mechanic Jordan has been working on and around vehicles his entire adult life and even prior. Before graduating from High School, Jordan worked as a mechanic and parts puller for a large automotive scrap yard where he grew up in central Minnesota.

Jordan's Military Career

Navy Veteran Torpedoman

Jordan then moved on to proudly and honorably serve in our Country's Naval Nuclear Submarine Force where he was a machinist mate-weapons ( Torpedoman ).

Jordan's Career As a Mechanic

After Leaving the Navy, Jordan worked out of a large performance automotive shop in middle Tennessee where he routinely built engines, installed performance modifications, and performed countless routine maintenance items. Jordan left Tennessee to join our team as our full service mechanic when he met his wife Amy. Jordan has two boys, JR and Eli, and 3 step-children, Beth, Grace, and Sam. Jordan is excited to offer his services to you at a fair and honest price and will do anything and everything he can to earn your trust and repeated business.
Mechanic at work at MASTERS Car Wash Mechanic at work at MASTERS Car Wash Engine Replacement at MASTERS Car Wash
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