MASTERS Car Wash - Interior Cleaning Services

Interior Cleaning of your car

Interior Cleaning

We offer two types of interior cleaning services. The 12-Step Interior Cleaning and the Dash Blast.

The 12-Step Interior Cleaning


1. Vacuum Carpets
2. Vacuum Mats
3. Vacuum Rear Deck
4. Vacuum Seats
5. Clean All Windows
6. Wipe Dash
7. Wipe Doors
8. Wipe Console
9. Wipe Door Jambs
10 .Wipe Instrument Panel
11. Wipe (Leather) Seats
12. Clean Cup Holders
cleaning your cars interior

Dash Blast


An express compressed air and light protectant service of front compartment.
spray bottle with new car scent
7249 South Custer Road
McKinney, Texas 75070
(972) 747-9414

Spring/Summer Hours
M-SAT 8am – 7:00pm
SUN 9am – 5pm

Winter Hours
M-SAT 8am – 6pm
SUN 9am – 5pm

12-Step Interior Cleaning